Personal Synchronicity ~ My World Seems to be Shrinking

I’ve decided I should try to document this.


Most of the strangeness from this year comes directly from an ex-boyfriend, Matthew Chiavelli, who could give a shit about it all. I probably don’t remember everything, but I’m giving it a shot:

I knew Matthew from highschool and happened to bump into him at an art show where a friend, Babel, had a piece up. Purely by chance, my friends Noah and Jonas Everett also had works up. Neither of them knew each other. Neither of them knew Babel. So, here I was with this odd biblical thing going on when I see Matthew down the hall ~ fate adding the cherry.

Matthew was working as a director for which was the website company associated with the Scifi channel. At the time we started dating, his boss and he were interviewing other potential directors. One evening while having dinner with a friend, Shara Zoll, she told me she had interviewed with someone at about a month prior and didn’t know why they hadn’t scheduled a second interview. Well! That was easily taken care of. Matthew remembered having interviewed her and told me she was one of their top choices, but the boss hadn’t gotten off his ass to schedule callbacks for anyone. About a week afterwards, Matthew and I were in a pub having bangers and mash when in walks Shara and a friend. I was afraid that Matthew would think I had arranged for that to happen. It was odd, indeed, because I had no idea that Shara had planned on being in that area. Nor did Shara have a clue about my plans. A second interview for Shara was scheduled shortly afterwards and she was hired.

There were a few more strange coincidences with Matthew and other friends of mine and friends of his. There was even one very recently even now when we no longer speak. I won’t bore you.


At a party at Brady and Sara’s apartment {about a year before it became Brady and Dougee’s apartment} I met a couple who had just come from a roller-derby tournament. They were dressed in red and black to support their team. A year later I met Kneel Cohn at a Bauhaus concert via Hillary Johnson and Aimee Hartmann neither of whom knew B or S. Shortly afterwards, while sifting through pictures from B and S’s party, I recognized Kneel as being the roller derby guy dressed in red and black sitting on B&S’s couch.


A few strange things with the Antagonist Movement:
On my trip to Berlin, I rented a flat via Craigslist. No one seemed to want to go with me, so I arranged this completely on my own. Firstly, my host Ser had done some work with an artgroup called Wooloo. I had coincidentally seen him in documentary photos on Wooloo’s site and recognized him right away. Second, about three days in, other travelers renting space from him moved in. Carrie Villines and Monica Orozco, both photographers, were visiting Berlin because their work was going to be in an artshow. Turns out they were in the same Antagonist show as me. Berlin is a big place with thousands of visitors and residents. Third, and last for Berlin, I had met a guy Mark Splatter who had been showing me around the city. He had to work the night of the art show and did not go, but I bumped into a friend of his there – another American ex-pat. Lastly for the Antagonists, this past New Years, I went to San Francisco with Julie Mann and Josh Graham. While shopping in Chinatown with Julie, I noticed a familiar face. Ethan was standing around on the street waiting for Un to finish shopping in a Chinese furniture store. They were on their way home from Hawaii. They had no idea that I was planning on traveling to the west coast.

2008, so far

Recently met Danielle Ezz0 via the Birthday Massacre video extras search. Turns out she was also in Ursula 1000’s music video a couple of years ago, the song to which Dougee had performed vocals on. The video was shot in the most amazing of locations out in the far reaches of Queens: an odd old man’s bar with a two-lane bowling alley in the basement. There’s yet another connection with her and my other circles: she’s close with David Hochbaum, one of the macabre pop-surrealists who Carrie Ann Baade has shown with. That last bit isn’t much of a coincidence, but I’m sure the connections will start to flow once I attend one of David’s Goldmine Shithouse events.

I just watched the Ursula 1000 video again to see Danielle in it.  Turns out James Minor who knew neither of us back then is also in the damned thing.


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