Blood and Light

Just came across this beautiful and biologically-charged invention, called, simply, Blood Lamp. This lamp only comes to light when mixed with blood, making its use seem much more precious and valuable. The statement it makes about the environment is even more precious – it makes its user take into account that energy should not be taken for granted, and should be used wisely and frugally. We in the western world are spoiled creatures, indeed, to need an object such as this to make us consider how we affect our environment.

From designer Mike Thompson‘s description of his invention:

For the lamp to work one breaks the top off, dissolves the powder, and uses their own blood to power a simple light. By creating a lamp that can only be used once, the user must consider when light is needed the most, forcing them to rethink how wasteful they are with energy, and how precious it is.

Methinks this little phial would work well in scaring off Orks and Trolls.

Here’s a simultaneously overdramatic and underdramatic video illustrating its works:


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