Will He Sign the Papers?

Sir Terry Pratchett | Photograph: David Levene

Only a short while after the death of Jack Kevorkian, beloved novelist, Sir Terry Pratchett, who has been diagnosed with terminal early-onset Alzheimer’s, has received consent forms from Dignitas, Switzerland’s assisted suicide clinic.  This is the same place where conductor Sir Edward Downes and his wife ended their lives together back in 2009.  He has not yet signed the papers.  Pratchett claims that he would prefer to die in England and still has a novel to write.  Hope he can hold out for as long as possible.

Just as interesting is what he has done for others who wish to end their lives early so they can die with dignity.  He wishes for assisted suicide to be made legal in England and so he accompanied Millionaire Peter Smedley to the clinic with a film crew to film the man’s death for a documentary called Choosing to Die that will air on the BBC.  Usually a very private man, Mr. Smedley, allowed this very rare and thus very meaningful invasion.

From The Telegraph :

Sir Terry, made the decision to request the forms after accompanying a motor-neurone sufferer to the Dignitas clinic for a controversial documentary to be screened on Monday evening on BBC TWO.  The film the shows 71-year-old Peter Smedley drink a cocktail of toxins at the clinic before dying in his wife’s arms.

Ending my own life is a choice I would want for myself should I become too ill to do anything.  I wonder sometimes about my 98 year old grandmother and what she would want for herself (she keeps telling me she is done).  What would my father and uncle think if she decided to visit such a clinic?

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