Clone William S. Burroughs?

Apparently some of Mr. Burroughs’ friends kept a bit of his poop preserved in a jar.   Artists Tony Allard and Adam Zaretsky plan to use DNA they’ve extracted from it to create a work of art.  Nope…not a clone.  I was thoroughly disappointed to read that.  I would certainly like to have the opportunity to see Burroughs play his William Tell routine.  OK, maybe not.  BoingBoing‘s description makes it sound like these artists have smoked a bit too much weed.  Am I reading it wrong?

1: Take a glob of William S. Burroughs’ preserved shit
2: Isolate the DNA with a kit
3: Make, many, many copies of the DNA we extract
4: Soak the DNA in gold dust
5: Load the DNA dust into a genegun (a modified air pistol)
6: Fire the DNA dust into a mix of fresh sperm, blood and shit
7: Call the genetically modified mix of blood, shit, and sperm a living bioart, a new media paint, a living cut-up literary device and/or a mutant sculpture.


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