The Androgyny Honeytrap

What is this amazing lure of Androgyny?  It is just so incredibly beautiful and grotesque and confusing…

Glamorous men going back centuries have used it to their advantage, dizzying the establishment of gender opposites.

So, why is it that Androgyny seems to be all the more fascinating in a man than a woman (Tilda Swinton excepted, of course)?  Lacking the curves of a woman’s body, men with delicate facial features and long hair, wearing laces and dresses, seem to be all the more strange and alluring than a woman in a square, suit.  Why is masculinity so dry?

I’ve always been mesmerized by men who blur gender lines.  Those who are lucky enough to have the features with which to play hold a lot of power over our senses.  I’m not talking about transvestites, who wear fake breasts and cake on layers of makeup.  They have their own value separate from what I’m referring to.  I’m talking about men who, without much effort, can display simultaneously as man and woman.  They can show their bare breastless chests, wear a masculinized skirt, braid their long hair and exude a powerful beauty that blows Kate Moss away.  Perhaps it’s strength and power mixed with fragility and gentility that creates such beauty.

What inspired this post was my discovery of Bosnian model Andrej Pejic who has become one of the most wanted models for the latest lines of women’s fashion for some of the most famous designers in the world (Here’s an article about Andrej from the Telegraph UK). A video of Andrej of a visit he made to his hometown in Bosnia, shows that he is a very effeminate man, his male gender almost completely obscured (see below).  But photos of him where his legs and neck are visible, make it undoubtedly clear that he is a man.  This contradiction is enthralling!

Scroll down for videos of Andrej as well as a few shots of the world’s favorite gender bending men (and Tilda Swinton as Orlando, both female and male versions).

edit: Flavorpill just published a wonderful post that relates directly to this one only their finds are much better than mine.  Click here.

edit 2: Please peruse my own collection of androgynous souls on my Pinterest page here.

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