The Illustrated Man…I Mean, Zombie

Back in 2007, I came across the first of many blog articles about some of the most extreme body modifiers in the world. The article introduced me to how people can get addicted to body modification, probably in ways similar to how some people can get addicted to plastic surgery (I apologize ahead of time about what that link leads to).

There was one man who interested me more than most. While his tattoos were very extreme, there seemed to be a unique confidence about how he wore them compared to the other body modifiers. In addition, his body and face are, on their own without the tattoos, quite stunning. OK…he’s hawt.  To boot, there is something very sexual, mysterious and sensuous about any well-done dark-themed tattoo.

Rick Genest, aka Zombie Boy or Skullboy, has since gone much much much further than what you see in the above mug-shot-like picture. I guess if you start something, you might as well finish it, and his goal is to be a fully tattooed zombie in the end. Rick has since gotten his entire torso and head tattooed. The results are gorgeous and the fashion world seems to agree.

Here he is in a Lady Gaga remix of a Thierry Mugler fashion video featuring Rick in his current state (the video is featured on Mugler’s site at the time of this post). The shots of Rick are gorgeous and, even better, do a bit of gender bending.  My biggest crit of this short video is that the shots of the guys on the runway interrupt the flow.

I wonder if Rick’s got any room left for more zombification…and can we see pictures of the rest of this splendid specimen, please?  You can learn more about him via this interview he did with Bizarre Mag. He seems quite the young punk.


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