The Museum of Broken Relationships

Items on display from the Museum of Broken Relationships

Is this brilliant?  Is it utterly sad or does it provide a ray of hope?

Or, perhaps the question I need to ask is instead, what is it about inanimate objects that arrests our pathos so very strongly?  The meanings behind one simple object, or even a depiction of such an object, are myriad in number, even for just one individual, can bring forth memories both dramatic and plain.  Objects and their roles in our lives are part of what comprise our language and create chaotic semiotics.  Might as well put it on display:

Olinka Vistina and Drazen Grubisic, two Croatian artists who broke up in 2006, decided to open the Museum of Broken Relationships when they realized how hard it was to give up items symbolizing lost love. This way, they could keep the items together, and before they knew it, the two artists started receiving all kinds of items from other broken-up couples.

I found this gem via the Huffington Post.


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