A Different Kind of Punishment?

Sagawa acts out his crime for one of many who exploited him

Coilhouse has just posted two new videos on Issei Sagawa, the Japanese sociopath who, when extradited to Japan from France after he committed a horrific crime of murder and cannibalism, was set free (see my original post about him here).  These new videos from VBS TV, in addition to letting Sagawa talk at length, show some of the extremely sordid details about his life as well as the films, books and comics that have been published about him in the past 20 or so years.

This is not for the faint of heart – Sagawa murdered his fellow student, Renée Hartevelt, had sex with her corpse and ate parts of her over a period of several days. He was caught trying to dispose of her remains in a park. He was then deported back to Japan, where he was put in a mental institution, however, fifteen months later, Sagawa was able to check himself out, and he has been free ever since.

The films show that in order to make money Sagawa took any job he could find, including that which “exploited him and his vulgarities,” none of which he seems to be very proud of. He also shows a good amount of self pity in the films, which seems to make him all the more vile.

Below are links to Vice’s video documentary as well as an extremely uncomfortable photo of the victim of his crime.


Is Sagawa’s life of ridicule enough punishment for what he did? How do you even begin to punish a crime like this one?

Issei Sagawa documentary, Part I

Issei Sagawa documentary, Part II

Sagawa’s victim, Dutch student Renée Hartevelt


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