Tibetan Burial

There are some VERY graphic images in the video slide show below.  DO NOT WATCH it if you are on the sensitive side.

I first learned about the Tibetan Sky Ritual from Martin Scorsese‘s  Kundun, a movie about our current Dali Lama and his exile from Tibet.  I’d not heard much more about the ritual until today having come across some very graphic photographs that have been posted on the web.

In short, Tibetan Buddhist monks believe the body is merely a shell left behind by a soul after death.  In this funerary ritual, a dead body is taken to a mountainside, cut apart and left for carrion to ingest.  The remains are then subjected to further ritual.  From a more practical standpoint, the rocky earth in Tibet and the surrounding areas renders burial almost impossible.

I found this on MBV Travel via Reddit.


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