The Sultan’s Elephant

(This is a repost with an update.  Original post was on October 23, 2007)

Here’s a video of a beautiful art project created by Royal de Luxe that I wish I could have seen in person. For more information visit The Sultan’s Elephant website here.

The Sultan’s Elephant seems to be connected to a company called Artichoke Productions.  I’ve just signed up for their mailing list not only because I want to know what is going on with everything they do (which all looks magnificent), but also because I heard a rumor on BoingBoing that The Sultan’s Elephant will be coming to New York!  Oh, joy!!  Central Park, perhaps?

Here’s a bit about Artichoke Productions that will make you smile:

Artichoke is a registered charity founded in 2002 by Helen Marriage and Nicky Webb, producers of extraordinary live events.

Artichoke works in unusual places: in streets, public spaces or in the countryside. We don’t believe the arts should take place only behind the closed doors of our theatres and art galleries. Instead, we put on shows that, though ambitious and complex, have something to say to the widest possible audience.


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