Nest of the Skeletons

I first heard about Tessa Farmer when I started The Curio Society blog. Her work inspired me to start collecting all this strange stuff here. Not sure why, but I never blogged about her.

She has recently created a stop-animation film with Sean Daniels which is soon to be screened in London. I am stunned by her ability to work with these dried bug bodies – I have enough trouble keeping my own static bug collection from disintegrating, losing limbs and losing color.

More info from BoingBoing:

Nest of the Skeletons is a stop-motion film by Tessa Farmer, the UK sculptor who creates exquisitely weird worlds of insects, faeries, and other tiny flora and fauna. Above is an excerpt from the film, co-directed by Sean Daniels, with sound design by Mark Pilkington of Strange Attractor Journal. The full video will be screened in London this Friday, January 15, as part of Luminous Aephemera, the Strange Attractor Salon’s film night. (via Further)


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