Members and Those Who Should be Members

I’ve been contacted a number of times by wonderful people who want to become members of this illustrious (yet completely unknown) society.  Alas, this is a little hobby of mine to which I barely have time to give.  I wish I had more. Sorry I’ve not responded.

I have updated my list of links indicating a list of artists and regular folk who have agreed to be called actual members of this collective.  They are active in that they, like me, are obsessed with collecting and oggling the oddest things they can find.  Either their living spaces are completely adorned with these things or their lives are consumed by them.  They are also people who I kow in my day-to-day life.  I’ve seen their collection and have experienced their oddness.  They, themselves, are oddities of their own fancy.  I’m not a very normal chic either.

If you fancy yourself a nut-crazed loony like me, you should absolutely be a member here.  Send me a note about how strange you are and why.  Write me a 100-word essay.  Kidding.  Just convince me.  What is expected of you beyond that?  Nothing.  Send me weird articles and pictures and I’ll post them if they’re weird enough.

I’ve also made a list of loonies like us who I haven’t met in real life and who have no idea that this society thing exists.  If they do know it exists, they haven’t said the magic words, “OK OK, you can add me to your list of members, just leave me alone already”.   Further, some of them are dead and their estates ignore my emails.  That’s not true, actually.  I’ve not had the time to try to convince the estate of the dead Joseph Cornell to make him a postumous member of the Curio Society.  Anyway…they are listed as “Inspiration”.  And that they certainly are.

I’ve also started to list links to my sources – give credit where credit is due.  There are a lot of them, and, as I’ve been scolded by many a geek, I should not be copy/pasting full articles, links and photos directly from websites.  {sheepishly} I’m trying to move on and up and actually write original articles, here, but give me a break.  I’ve got a day job to contend with. Anyway, the list is not complete.  There are a lot of sources where I find all this stuffnjunk.


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