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Joseph The Curio Society seeks to explore that indescribable, ineffable love for odd inanimate objects {e.g. dried octopuses, ceramic teeth, old b/w pictures, old cracked dolls, odd-shaped shells, and the like}, and eye-popping oddities of the world.This is not your mother’s menagerie of ceramic pastel angels we are interested in {perhaps your great-grandmother’s if they’re creepy enough}. We are excited about the Queer, the Strange and the Decrepit; the old and the discarded; the objet trouve, the odd junk shop thingamabob covered in mold and the pig with three heads. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, please observe the inspriational artwork of Joseph Cornell or the Brothers Quay. Maybe you’ll be inspired and your life will change completely!Or read through the posts below which are comprised of a collection of articles and videos found around the web about people, places and things that are, but for the internet (our modern-day Tower of Babel), previously hidden from our view for the most part. The collection of them will make you start to believe that faerie tales and horror stories could be real (or even normal, whatever that means), and will invigorate your interest in the parts of society that you’ve never explored or even thought about.

Please note that this blog was started a millennia ago before your humble author had a clew not to copy entire posts from other people. All posts are linked back to their origins, however much work is to be done to clean up the horrid mess. Please be patient.

{Who is this strange man to the left, you ask?  Why, he’s our patron saint, Joseph Cornell!}

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